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We control all pests including possums, birds, spiders, rodents, termites, insects and bed bugs.

Experiencing pests in your home or business. We’ll visit your Basket Range premises today! Call Allstate Pest Control Basket Range and our team of skilled pest technicians will help to exterminate your pests quickly. Family owned and established since 1986, we keep families and pets safe, and take care of all pests efficiently and cleanly. We exterminate and control all pests, so yes we can help you with that today!

Our technicians are well-trained and licensed pest management professionals. We are practitioners of the Integrated Pest Management (IPM), and active members of the Australian Environmental Pest Managers Association (AEPMA). We have consistently complied to their highest accreditation standards. We are also members of the Housing Industry Association (HIA) and always adhere to the industry’s highest standards of professional and commercial pest control conduct.

Call us today, It’s easy just call Allstate Basket Range Pest Control for service in your local suburb and get in touch with our professional technicians.


Call Allstate Pest Control Basket Range for all pest treatment and pest removal servicing all Basket Range Suburbs. We control all pests including possums, birds, spiders, rodents, termites, insects and bed bugs. Est.1986 A family tradition in pest control Basket Range, our local pest technicians are available in your local suburb so call and book pest control now!


If you are buying or selling a home, check for pests first! We offer termite inspection Basket Range. Call us and we can help today.


In business? Ask us about pest control services for your business like cafes, restaurants, kitchens, offices, retail and other commercial properties etc.

BED BUGS Control

Time to treat bedbugs? Bed bugs Basket Range can be prolific in your home, now worries, we’ll be there asap to treat those bed bugs for you as we provide service to all Basket Range Suburbs

BEES & WASPS Control

We control bees, wasps, mosquitos and flies. Ask us to treat the area and stop them today!


At Pest Control Basket Range we make sure your loved ones are safe. Our local experience, technical expertise and know how means we can offer non – toxic pest control treatments aimed at getting rid of pest problems and being environmentally friendly at the same time. Allstate Pest Control Basket Range will ensure the well-being of your family, children and pets.

Allstate Pest Control masters their environmental management processes that eliminates threats and hazards to the environment and strives to comply with the AS/NZS ISO14001 Environment Management Systems Standard.

Ask one of our qualified technicians who can explain our pest removal and treatment processes and we can then create a tailored pest control solution to suit your needs.


Allstate Pest Control is a leader in their field for pest control services in the Basket Range area. We understand how pest problems can be a real issue for customers and that’s why we act fast in any situation presented to us. Allstate Pest Control Basket Range offers a NO RISK MONEY BACK GUARANTEE with our pest services. Is it a business or simply your family home, we will inspect the premises and exterminate all pests fast.


We perform thorough pest inspections across Basket Range and we’ll locate the source of any infestation and take care of the problem quickly.


Having a pest infestation is a very common occurrence in Basket Range. The main thing is to act fast, before the problem escalates. Our treatments may require you to leave for a few hours to allow for proper saturation of our pest treatments. Also please make sure that your pets are taken away from your home while the treatment is underway. Depending on the type of pest infestation, food items may need to be removed from your fridge and storage space as well. Our technicians at Allstate Pest Control Basket Range make sure that you and your family are safe. Call us today and book your treatment.


Are you frustrated about a pest infestation? Is this causing issues in your business? Allstate Pest Control Basket Range will ensure a safe, pest-free environment and keep your customers coming back. We take control fast, and ensure your business continuity.


Termite infestations cause big issues, we can fix this for you if you act fast. Termites can cause severe damage to your home or business. The structural repair bill caused by termites can be costly which is why it is important to have your property inspected and treat the termites quickly. The sooner we get there, the less potential damage. Allstate Pest Control Basket Range is ready to help resolve your termite infestation. Our termite treatment Basket Range service to all Basket Range suburbs will treat termites fast and also take additional measures to ensure a termite free future.


Timber frame buildings can be more prone to termite infestations. If you fear your home may be infested, call us quickly. Termites, being small don’t necessarily look aggressive, however we’ve seen firsthand how termites can eat through structures and cause serious destruction to any home. In some cases the damage may be so extensive that major structural repairs need to be done to secure the structure and keep it from falling down.


At Allstate Pest Control Basket Range, we are committed to our customers. We offer customers up to a year of free spot treatments in the event of the termite problem returns. We offer a range of methods for eliminating and preventing termites. We use high quality products such as Sentricon II Termite Control, Kordon Termite Barrier and Premise Termite Elimination. Our commitment to customer satisfaction means we ensure the problem does not re-occur.


Termites are attracted to all types of timber, termites (known as “white ants”) like to inhabit moist environments. That is why fixing any leaks in your home and removing moisture in your building as part of a total termite prevention plan will help. Treating termites isn’t enough when you leave them easy access to lumber and water that will just attract a second round of infestation. Have a regular inspection arranged with a pest controller like us and this will help prevent termites from destroying your house.


Most builders protect your home from termites during the building phase and can install barriers such as metal and cement materials. Other methods include the use of chemical solutions to ensure that termites are not interested in your home. A chemical treatment can be applied to the ground around the home, which the termites will avoid. If you use both a chemical and a structural termite repelling approach (perhaps use building materials that termites are not able to chew through), you can then protect your home from damage before it starts.


When you see white ants, you probably have termites. Allstate Pest Control Basket Range offers White Ant Control to help put a stop to these small and pale invaders. Call us today to book our white ant (or termite) inspection, control and termite removal pest service.


Bed bugs Basket Range infestations are annoying and can be difficult pest problems to treat. These tiny bugs are hard to see and one sign that your bed may have a colony of bed bugs present may be reddish brown spots that are visible on your bed. Our bed bug control pest removal technicians will ensure we treat the bed bugs and restore a great nights sleep.


It’s amazing how much damage these rats and rodents are capable of doing to your property. They chew on literally everything they can find, carry bacteria, potential diseases and fleas. Rodents can be dangerous to families and pets. Treating rats and rodents as soon as you see the problem will help prevent potential damage to your property. Allstate Pest Control Basket Range will visit onsite and help take care of your rodent control problem.


Mice are smaller than their cousins the rats, however mice can still present a huge problem for homes and businesses. Mice can do damage to kitchens and also contaminate your water and food. Mice also spread a number of diseases, bacteria, fleas, etc. Act today and protect your families health and your property. Allstate Pest Control Basket Range offers mice control solutions to remove mice off your property, potential trapping and environment modification may also assist.


Insect problems like flies and fleas will not go away on their own. These creatures carry numerous diseases and can transmit deadly viruses. They can multiply very quickly and often hiding away in small places. At Allstate Pest Control Basket Range, our pest control technicians work to control the fleas and flies using proven pest treatment and extermination techniques.


Mosquitoes also carry deadly diseases. Even a small drop of water left around the home can be a breeding ground for thousands of mosquitos. Book our pest control Basket Range Technicians and we’ll take care of your mosquito control today.


Cockroaches multiply quickly and adapt to almost any environment. They carry bacteria on their bodies and produce a terrible, musty smell. If you see even one cockroach there could be hundreds more you can’t see so contact us today to take care of cockroach control problems at Allstate Pest Control Basket Range. We’ll arrive right away and eliminate them.


Bees and wasps hives can be found around homes (especially near or under roofs), sheds and garages. Is this a big problem for you? Are you are allergic to bees or wasps Basket Range.Need help? We do not recommend trying to do bee removal or wasp removal yourself. Leave this to us and our team of bee and wasp control technicians. Allstate Pest Control Basket Range expertly eliminates all wasp and bee infestations. Book Bee Removal today our put our pest control methods to work for the safety of your family.


Spiders are scary and can fit anywhere and infest your living space, they build sticky webs and can lay hundreds of eggs. Spider control Basket Range is necessary and while not all spiders are a direct threat to your health, Book Allstate Pest Control Basket Range today to remove the spiders before any future infestations can take place.


At Pest Control Basket Range, we treat silverfish problems. These insects live in most homes and are very common. They are small creatures covered in silvery plates. They are found in bathrooms and if your house has become infested, you might see them running for cover and when switching on lights. Call Allstate Pest Control Basket Range and get silverfish control treatment sorted.


Organic pest control methods can include the use of sticky traps. To find out more about this pest control technique call us today and speak with our trained pest control Basket Range specialists.


We’re qualified, fully trained professionals to help rid your home of any unwanted guests. We answer any questions and explain the available solutions to pest infestations or pest control needs you may have. Pest Control Basket Range offers pest inspections to confirm and evaluate the presence of pest infestations, as well as regular pest monitoring to help prevent pest control issues before they occur.   


Cockroaches, ants, spiders or bees can infest your home, and if this happens call us for Pest Control Basket Range. We exterminate all pests and insects in Basket Range homes and businesses.


If birds build their nests around your property this can cause problems. From the bird waste they leave on your home or business and the potential diseases and parasites they can carry, birds can become a big pest nuisance in no time at all. Our highly skilled bird removal technicians will remove birds from your home or business, without harming them. Pest Control Basket Range also works to make sure that the birds do not return in the future. Call Pest Control Basket Range today if you are experiencing bird problems and we will present you with a successful solution to remove them from your home or business.

Our business services Basket Range CBD 5000 and all Basket Range metropolitan suburbs. Our mobile pest control Basket Range technicians come to you. Book today and experience excellence in local pest control service across Basket Range and all Basket Range suburbs

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